Regional news

24 February 2017 - City of Almaty
Accountants unite
24 February 2017 - Pavlodar Region
We - partners of business!
23 February 2017 - North-Kazakhstan Region
Three elements of a successful business
23 February 2017 - Kyzylorda Region
Business with Korean sauce
23 February 2017 - South-Kazakhstan Region
What the map will tell us?
23 February 2017 - West Kazakhstan Region
Under the control of the Business Ombudsman
22 February 2017 - Almaty Region
Advisors on the market
22 February 2017 - Kostanay Region
Complaints are different, interests are common

Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev: "It is necessary to differentiate the state support of business"

24 February 2017 - Headline news

Сенат төрағасы бизнестің өзін-өзі реттеуіне жағдай жасау керектігіне назар аударды

Ablay Myrzahmetov: "It is very important for business to expand the horizons"
24 February 2017 - Headline news
Шесть ключевых направлений определил Председатель Правления НПП на заседании Сената по вопросам...
Control over procurement in the construction sector will be significantly tightened
24 February 2017 - Headline news
On 28th of February will be held public hearings on...
Privatization: more questions than answers
23 February 2017 - Headline news
MPs raised the problem of the business relationship with companies...
Rustam Zhursunov: "Our task – is to build a system that everyone can protect themselves"
23 February 2017 - Headline news
Proposals on protection of the rights of entrepreneurs when considering...
Privatization of quasi-public sector: is it sabotage and fraud?
23 February 2017 - Headline news
NCE considered the issue of the company, which has faced...
Kairbek Suleimenov about civil servants: "There is fish in the murky waters"
23 February 2017 - Headline news
Кеңесте бизнестің ең өзекті шағымдары талқыланды «Атамекен» ҰКП алаңында 16...
Timur Kulibayev: "We need to revive geological exploration!"
23 February 2017 - Headline news
Priorities for the development of mining companies were identified at...
Self-regulation in Kazakhstan: to be or not to be?
22 February 2017 - Headline news
How, in practice, the law "On self-regulation” is currently implemented"?...
Eldar Zhumagaziev: "We need to scale the process of introduction of dual education"
22 February 2017 - Headline news
В НПП РК «Атамекен» в рамках партнерского проекта с Ремесленной палатой Трир проходит форум «Бизнес...
National Parks should be accessible to tourists
22 February 2017 - Headline news
В Казахстане разработаны законодательные поправки, упрощающие процедуру выдачи земельных участков...
CSHI: rates are reduced, employers!
22 February 2017 - Headline news
Contributions in the system of the compulsory social health insurance...
How the prices on medical equipment are determined in Kazakhstan?
22 February 2017 - Headline news
Actual problems of manufacturers of medical equipment were discussed at...
Yuliya Yakupbaeva became the head of the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan
21 February 2017 - Headline news
In Almaty was held a general meeting of the members...
Kazakhstan may take up to 5% of Egyptian imports of meat
21 February 2017 - Headline news
Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan and the Center for the...